Team Apparel

Team Suits 

For 2021, we have a new team suit for this season - it will be the Sandies Vortex Splice.  A team suit is not required for being a member of any of the teams, but it does show great team spirit and helps all the parents know which kids are from Farmington.  Suits can be purchased online or by contacting All American Swim (formally The Swim Team Store) at (224) 676-0344 or visiting their store located at 830 Seton Court #8, in Wheeling.



Please note we can not have swimsuits available to try on and purchase at sign up day due to Covid restrictions. However, suits can be tried on in the store.


Suit Pricing – Sandies Vortex Splice.

            Female             $26.00

            Boys Jammer   $20.00

Swim Caps

We will be taking orders for team swim caps again this summer. A team cap is not required for being a member of the swim team, but we would like to have those with longer hair (shoulder length or longer) wear some sort of swim cap to keep their hair out of their faces.  The team cap has our Farmington logo on it and can be personalized with the swimmer’s last name.  Personalizing the cap (not required) is a great way to find your swimmer at a meet (when they all look alike in a cap) and also for returning it when it gets lost.


Latex swim caps w/team logo - $4.00 each

Silicone swim caps w/team logo - $10.00 each


Personalization – Add $3.00 per cap, 2-cap minimum order required


Farmington's Aquatic programs are offered for Farmington Bath & Tennis Members.  If your not a member, please contact us to find out more about joining Farmington.