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Water Polo

Water Polo game questions - Jen James @ 847-721-0721

Water polo is a fast-growing sport that takes elements of swimming, baseball, soccer and even wrestling and rolls them all up into an exciting sport for all ages and abilities.  While helpful, strong swimming skills are not required and the sport is a great way for kids to get exercise in the water other than swimming laps. For anyone who loves to swim, throw a ball and score goals, this is the sport for you!

The team will continue to be co-ed but will be limited to those ages 9 (having finished 3rd grade) to 15 years old (still 15 by July 1).  


There will be one practice time for all ages but players will be broken up into groups by age.  


Games are held on Monday evenings, last about 1 hour and are played at the same pools as the swim/dive meets.

For questions on Water Polo, please reach out to Jen James @847-721-0721


Practice times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday               11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Water Polo Meet Schedule 

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 1.36_edited.jpg

Farmington's Aquatic programs are offered for Farmington Bath & Tennis Members.  If your not a member, please contact us to find out more about joining Farmington.

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