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All About Family, Friends and Fun!


We need a Social Chair and co-Chair for the 2024 season!!!  Please support Farmington and volunteer!

Farmington Bath and Tennis is a social club where you will make friends for life.  If your new or old to the community, Farmington Bath and Tennis is a great way for both kids and adults to get integrated into the community.  Its a jump start to the school year for kids to make friends before they start a new school year.   No kids, no problem!  Its a perfect way to meet new friends or just hang out with the old ones!


Throughout the season we offer a variety of events:

  • Opening Party

  • Member events

  • Non-stop summer of family picnics

  • Sunday night BBQ dinners

  • Adult themed evening events

  • Kid themed events

  • Specially-themed events

  • Tennis Socials

  • Movie Nights around the pool



  • Friday, May 24: Adult Opening Party

  • Sunday, May 26: Family Opening Party

Members also take advantage of the club to invite their friends over for a barbecue and swimming, or to enjoy a cool drink and appetizers after a social tennis game. You are invited to use your imagination as to how you use your club. 

For more information on social events please contact FBTC

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