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Swim Team
Practices will be the same time and format as in previous years and are detailed on the practice schedule tab.  We will continue to offer the afternoon swim team practice to accommodate those swimmers in summer school or with conflicting morning activities. Please note – this is not a substitute practice for the morning practices and can only be used by those with schedule conflicts. Please contact Kim Connolly with specific dates for when your swimmer will need to attend these afternoon practices so we can staff them appropriately. 


Days: Monday – Friday

Dates: Tuesday 5/31 - Thursday 6/2

  • 4:30 - 5:30 10 and under

  • 5:30 - 7:00 pm 11 and over

Dates: Friday, June 3rd – Friday, July 15th (May be extended one week - TBD)

Time: 9-12 yrs old                      7:45-9:00 am

          8 & Under & 13-15 yrs old              9:00-10:15 am

Afternoon practices will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for kids in Summer School or morning sports.

10 & Under     4:30 – 5:15 pm

11 & Over       5:15 – 6:00 pm

Swim Clinic

Swim Clinic is the feeder program for the Farmington Swim Team.  Swim clinic offers a non-competitive swim option emphasizing stroke technique for our younger swimmers who may not be quite ready to be on the swim team.  Our coaching staff and lifeguards teach swim Clinic.  Swim Clinic participants must be able to freestyle/front crawl 25 yards (one length of the pool) and must be comfortable in the deep end of the pool.  Swim Clinic members are not expected to swim meets but are welcome to do so.  Please notify Coach Jamie if your clinic participant wants to swim at a meet.  All clinic swimmers will receive a Team t-shirt.


Days: Monday – Friday   

Dates: Friday, June 3rd – Friday, July 15th

Time: 10:15-10:45 am All ages

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will be coordinated by Coach Jamie and will be taught using the American Red Cross guidelines.  Each child will be evaluated on the first class in the session and assigned to a group according to skill level.

Lessons will be offered in weeklong blocks and be held daily.  Children can sign up for whichever weeks work with their family schedules and attend as many lessons during the week as they choose.  Daily repetition has been shown to improve the learning process.  Classes will be taught in a progressive format and we encourage all children to take advantage of as many days as possible.

Post Season Stroke Clinic

The post season stroke clinic continues to be a success and is open to all members up to age 15.  Coach Jamie will again be running a post season clinic that emphasizes stoke technique.  It will run daily Monday-Friday in week long increments during the weeks of July 19th and July 26th.  Members can sign up for either of the weeks or both (pricing is per week).  


Practice times will be a little later in the morning so the kids can sleep in a little bit but still gets them up and moving before lunchtime.  The stroke clinic will be open to all age groups and we will end the two-week long session with some sort of fun event.  We will again break up the groups by age:

            10 & under      8:30 – 9:45 am

            11 & over        9:45 – 11:00 am


Our diving team consists of both new and experienced divers looking to improve their diving skills and challenge themselves by learning new dives.  Ages range from 5-15 years old and abilities from the novice diver learning a front jump to the more experienced diver doing twisting summersaults.  If your child likes to go off the board and learn new ‘tricks’, be sure to sign them up for the diving team!  Practice times are detailed in the practice schedule tab.  Diving practice groups will be determined by the coach based upon age and ability of each diver.

Days: Monday – Friday 

Dates: Tuesday 5/31 - Thursday 6/2 

  • 3:45- 4:30 Dive T/TH only

Dates: Friday, June 3rd – Friday, July 15th

Time: Divers will be assigned a practice group based on age and ability.

Practice times:

                        Monday-Friday         10:15-11:00 am


Water Polo

Water polo is a fast-growing sport that takes elements of swimming, baseball, soccer and even wrestling and rolls them all up into an exciting sport for all ages and abilities.  While helpful, strong swimming skills are not required and the sport is a great way for kids to get exercise in the water other than swimming laps. For anyone who loves to swim, throw a ball and score goals, this is the sport for you!

The team will continue to be co-ed but will be limited to those ages 9 (having finished 3rd grade) to 15 years old (still 15 by July 1). There will be one practice time for all ages but players will be broken up into groups by age.  Games are held on Monday evenings, last about 1 hour and are played at the same pools as the swim/dive meets.


Days: Monday – Wednesday - Friday   

Dates: Wednesday 6/1 

  • 3:45- 4:30 Polo W only

Dates: Friday, June 3rd – Friday, July 15th

Practice times: 11:30-12:30

Time:  Games Monday evening, 7:00-8:00 pm (If COVID Restrictions allow)

Free Trial Offer

We will continue to offer the free trial.  How does it work?  If you are new to Farmington and/or are not sure if the Swim Team, Dive Team or Water Polo Team is right for your children, attend practices for the first two weeks of the season.  Then decide if you want to join the team. 

The free trial will run Tuesday, May 28th – Thursday, June 6th for swim team, dive team and water polo.  You can register for the FREE TRIAL at Registration Day or by calling Christine at 847-525-6959.  Please use the Aquatic Activity Sign-Up Form to sign up for this trial offer.

Adult Lap Swim

Swimming is a great total body workout for the young/old and is not hard on those joints.  A separate lane can be put in on Tuesday and Thursdays from 11:30-12:30 for anyone interested in swimming laps.  Please let one of the lifeguards know you would like to swim laps and they will quickly put in a lane line

Team Suits

We have a new team suit for this season - it will be the Rise Haze (TBD fpr 2022 Season) (in blue/green).  A team suit is not required for being a member of any of the teams, but it does show great team spirit and helps all the parents know which kids are from Farmington.  Suits will be available to try on and/or purchase on Registration Day.  After Registration Day, suits can be purchased by contacting All American Swim (formally The Swim Team Store) at (224) 676-0344 or visiting their store located at 830 Seton Court #8, in Wheeling.


Suit Pricing – Rise Haze (color Blue/Green)

            Female             $27.50 (prices still TBD for 2022)

            Boys Jammer   $22.00 (prices still TBD for 2022)


Swim Caps

We will be taking orders for team swim caps again this summer. A team cap is not required for being a member of the swim team, but we would like to have those with longer hair (shoulder length or longer) wear some sort of swim cap to keep their hair out of their faces.  The team cap has our Farmington logo on it and can be personalized with the swimmer’s last name.  Personalizing the cap (not required) is a great way to find your swimmer at a meet (when they all look alike in a cap) and also for returning it when it gets lost.

Latex swim caps w/team logo - $4.00 each (prices still TBD for 2022)

Silicone swim caps w/team logo - $10.00 each (prices still TBD for 2022)

Personalization – Add $3.00 per cap, 2-cap minimum order required

Swim V2.jpg

2022 Practice Schedule

Farmington's Aquatic & Tennis programs are offered for Farmington Bath & Tennis Members.  Membership must be a Family membership.  Individual memberships under 18 is not applicable.  If your not a member, please click here to email us for more information about joining Farmington.

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