Swim Team

Farmington's Aquatic programs are offered for Farmington Bath & Tennis Members.  If your not a member, please contact us to find out more about joining Farmington.

Farmington is still planning to have an Aquatics Season for 2020 as we follow the guidelines.


As of April 29th, Farmington and all other conference clubs hope and plan to have a swim team season. As of today, we plan to push back the start of the season by two weeks. However, no plans can be made or finalized until we know what the Governor's restrictions are with reopening the state. We hope to know more near the middle to end of May. 

In additon, we still plan to offer Lessons and have our Aquatic Teams and looking on how we can offer these with new guidelines.

Swim Lessons are also planned with smaller groups based on government guidelines.  

In the meantime, we want to start gathering sign-ups so we are ready to go when we are able to open up!

We will handle payments once we have the season confirm.   For now, please fill out the attached form and mail it to the Aquatics Team@ fbtcaquatics@gmail.com Kim or Megan will get back with you on any questions.  

Practice Schedule


Practices will be the same time and format as in previous years and are detailed on the practice schedule tab. 


We will continue to offer the afternoon swim team practice to accommodate those swimmers in summer school or with conflicting morning activities.  Please note – this is not a substitute practice for the morning practices and can only be used by those with schedule conflicts.  Please contact Lisa Warren with specific dates for when your swimmer will need to attend these afternoon practices so we can staff them appropriately. 

Afternoon practices (for swimmers with morning conflicts) will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

10 & Under     4:30 – 5:15 pm

11 & Over       5:15 – 6:00 pm

Volunteer Commitment

We need everyone’s help!

Farmington host three dual meets and several water polo games this season and we will require each and every family’s help to run these activities.  Almost all do not require any formal training and are a great way to catch up with friends or make new ones.  Please review the volunteer activities and indicate on the Aquatic Activity Sign-Up Sheet where you will be able to help.


  • Concessions – This group of people will work the concession stand at swim meets.  Over the past several  years, we have had great success and kudos from the visiting teams for our ‘family-made’ (pasta salad, mostaccioli, cookies, etc), grilled items and purchased food.  The location is outside the pool area near the hard-court tennis courts, but everyone is able to get away to cheer on their swimmers.

  • Official – This position does require outside training but our club is in great need of them.  We are required to have two officials at each home meet and to supply an official for each championship meet.  If we do not have a club member who can perform this activity, we need to hire officials to come in and officiate our meets.

  • Personal Best – This volunteer will be in charge of recognizing those swimmers and divers who have achieved a personal best in an event.  The personal best is a great way to recognize a swimmer or diver’s improvement no matter what place they end up finishing in an event.

  • Ribbons – Ribbon writers will fill out ribbons for Farmington swimmers and divers for both home and away meets.

  • Runner – Don’t let the name fool you – no running is actually required.  The runner will bring the timecards from each of the lanes to the scoring table.

  • Scoring – Scorers are needed for both diving and swimming.  They will be in charge of keeping the official point totals for both teams during the meets.

  • Timer/Writer – This is where we need the largest group of volunteers!  We are required to have three timers and one writer for each lane during swim meets.  No experience or training is needed – one functioning finger (you choose which one) and you are ready to go.  We provide the stopwatches and show you how to use them.  Volunteers will work either the first half or second half of the meet.  It is a great way to get to know the swimmers, your fellow timers and makes the meets go by much faster!

  • Runners - Don't let the name fool you - no running actually required. The runner will bring the timecards from each of the lanes to the scoring table.