Farmington's Aquatic programs are offered for Farmington Bath & Tennis Members.  If your not a member, please contact us to find out more about joining Farmington.

Swim Team

The Farmington Flyers, water polo and diving teams compete against The North Shore clubs in the area and provides high quality coaching to all levels of participants. Whether a new swimmer at the age of 5 or 15, Farmington Bath and Tennis kids are always cheering on their teammates in all lanes during a swim and diving meet or a water polo match.

Swim & Stroke Clinics

Swim Clinic is the feeder program for the Farmington Swim Team.  Swim clinic offers a non-competitive swim option emphasizing stroke technique for our younger swimmers who may not be quite ready to be on the swim team.  

Swim Lessons

Group and private swim lessons are available from beginners to advanced levels in weeklong blocks and held daily.  Children can sign up for whichever weeks work with their family schedules and attend as many lessons during the week as they choose.

Diving Team

Our diving team consists of both new and experienced divers looking to improve their diving skills and challenge themselves by learning new dives.  Ages range from 5-15 years old and abilities from the novice diver learning a front jump to the more experienced diver doing twisting summersaults

Water Polo

Water polo is a fast-growing sport that takes elements of swimming, baseball, soccer and even wrestling and rolls them all up into an exciting sport for all ages and abilities.  While helpful, strong swimming skills are not required and the sport is a great way for kids to get exercise in the water other than swimming laps. For anyone who loves to swim, throw a ball and score goals, this is the sport for you!

Please contact Lisa Warren or Christine Orr with questions regarding our Aquatic program.

Free One-Week Trial Offer

We will continue to offer the free trial.  How does it work?  If you are new to Farmington and/or are not sure if the Swim Team, Dive Team or Water Polo Team is right for your children, attend practices for the first two weeks of the season.  Then decide if you want to join the team. 

The free trial will run Tuesday, May 28th – Thursday, June 6th for swim team, dive team and water polo.  You can register for the FREE TRIAL at Registration Day or by calling Christine at 847-525-6959.  Please use the Aquatic Activity Sign-Up Form to sign up for this trial offer

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Best way to reach us is through email for any questions. myfbtc2@gmail.com